Virtual Facilitator

How Dr Suzy Walton can help

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with organisations relying more on technology to bring people together, Suzy has been very much in demand as a virtual facilitator and speaker.

Suzy has expertise as a broadcaster in radio and television, governance experience from 15+ board roles and an understanding of human behaviour from work in military intelligence and BSc MSc and PhD degrees in organisational and applied psychology. She is also a mother of 7 children.

This makes Suzy uniquely qualified to assist organisations facing the challenges of remote working with staff juggling many responsibilities.

Dr Suzy Walton can…

Deliver motivational talks to groups working and meeting via remote technology

Chair webinars

Facilitate company meetings and events

Examples of activities undertaken during UK’s COVID-19 lockdown:

Suzy interviewed Sir John Scarlett, former head of MI6, in a live webinar for an audience of 1,500.  She also interviewed, again live, the entrepreneur Luke Johnson

Suzy chaired an international board meeting for ACCA – the global regulator for the accountancy profession

Suzy has stepped in at short notice to facilitate group meetings for various UK SMEs

Sir John Scarlett

Suzy Walton live broadcast interview with Sir John Scarlett, former head of MI6 (30 minutes)

Luke Johnson

Suzy Walton live broadcast interview with entrepreneur Luke Johnson (29 minutes)

To book Dr Suzy Walton as a virtual speaker or facilitator

If you would like to make an enquiry or booking please contact Dr Suzy Walton at